Serenade-A-Grams are singing telegrams that deliver socially-distanced joy to family, friends, and colleagues! Celebrate all of life's special occasions, even when you can't be there in person. We offer no-contact, outdoor, in-person delivery (from a 20-feet distance) in the greater Seattle area as well as virtual video Serenade-A-Grams that can be sent to anyone, anywhere. All Serenade-A-Grams are performed by Seattle-based professional singers. Call us today to surprise someone you love with their favorite 1 or 2 songs. Booking now!

Serenade-A-Grams are perfect for:
*Christmas - Booking Now!!
*Hamilton Fans - Book our new Hamilton Serenade-A-Grams!
*Mother's Day & Father's Day
*Long-Term Care Greetings
*Special Recognition
*Thank You's
*Get Well Wishes


- Add much-needed sparkle and joy to the 2020 holiday season by sending a medley of Christmas carols! The most unique and memorable Christmas gift you will ever send.

HAMILTON - For the Hamilton fans in your life. Send a medley of songs from the hit Broadway show!

You can send a Serenade-A-Gram for any special occasion!


July 28, 2020 - In order to ensure compliance with Governor Inslee's live entertainment directive, all in-person Serenade-A-Gram performances must be outside for members of the same household and all household members must be wearing masks. The entertainer will maintain a minimum of 20-feet distance at all times.

*Grand Entrance Serenade
from at least 20 feet away at the front entrance. Singer never needs to enter the home, office, or store.
*Open Window Serenade if such access if possible. Singer never needs to enter the home, office, or store.
*Virtual Meeting Serenade via Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, etc. Perfect for joining virtual, remote web calls with family, friends, or co-workers. Corporate packages also available. Please see below.
*Pre-Recorded Serenade sent via video link in an email. This option can be viewed for a limited period of time.

(See below for corporate/business offerings.)

Virtual Web Call (Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, etc.) - $100.00 (1-2 songs or 1 medley)
In-Person or Pre-Recorded Video - $135.00 (1-2 songs or 1 medley)
Additional Songs - $25.00 each
Custom Songs - $50.00 additional per song (You choose the song, we customize the lyrics to honor a specific person or occasion.)

**Additional travel fee applies beyond a 25-mile delivery distance.



Clients can choose 1 or 2 songs from a wide variety of musical styles including but not limited to:
*Musical Theater
*French Cabaret
*And many more!!

Schedule a Serenade-A-Gram to add variety and fun to your next corporate, business, or team meeting call on Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, etc. Serenade-A-Grams are perfect for celebrating:

*Corporate Anniversaries
*Team Morale

Corporate Cameo Serenade
*10-Minute Experience
*2 Songs
*Up to 20 guests on the call.
*Add $25.00 for unlimited attendance.

Corporate Spotlight Serenade
*15-Minute Experience
*2 Songs
*Music Lyric Trivia Game (Team Builder/Ice Breaker)
*Unlimited Attendance

Corporate Showcase Serenade
*20-Minute Experience
*3 Songs Including A Custom Song
*Music Lyric Trivia Game (Team Builder/Ice Breaker)
*Custom Song Finale (You choose the songs, we customize the lyrics to honor your company or a specific team member/occasion.)
*Unlimited Attendance